Are you looking for  the cheapest Repaired house level 4 Quang Nam service in Quang Nam today? This article is for you. We will help you renovate your home from old to new. Cut out unnecessary intermediaries. Take care of the housing management worries on your behalf, so you save time, effort and money.

level 4 home repair
level 4 home repair

Our prestigious affordable package 4 level 4 home repair service includes: 

  • New construction, repair of the whole house, and renovation of items according to customer requirements and needs
  • Renovating grade 4 houses, townhouses according to modern trends, always comfortable
  • Water painting service: 3c Construction’s painting and painting service: 3c Construction will advise the harmonious, luxurious and trend-oriented beauty color scheme for customers.
  • Construction of flooring tiles, ceramic tiles, glass ball tiles, natural stone tiles, interior and exterior decorative tiles.
  • Processing and mechanical construction according to your needs such as: iron doors, corrugated iron roofing, stair railing, fence, gate pillar, roof, dome
  • Dismantle wall and discard degraded buildings
  • Repairing domestic water lines, old power lines, easy to catch fire, aptomat collapsing, …
Quang Nam level 4 home repair service
Quang Nam level 4 home repair service

Quotation of home repair at level 4 in Quang Nam:

Below is a detailed quotation of the most affordable grade 4 house renovation construction items in Da Nang. Invite you to follow along. If you have any questions, please contact the owner of the address at the end of the article to get the most dedicated counselor.

TT Name of work / Explanation of volume Unit Unit price Note
first Peel the background bricks m2 50,000
2 Wall demolition 110 m2 140,000
3 Demolition of wall 220 m2 250,000
4 Wall of old house m2 40,000
5 Demolition of concrete m2 500,000
6 Remove the old corrugated iron roof m2 50,000
7 Build 110 brick wall m2 250,000 labor + materials
8 Build a wall of 220 bricks and pipes m2 490,000 labor + materials
9 Plastering in the house m2 120,000 labor + materials
ten Plastering does not include the house m2 160,000 labor + materials
11 Mortar plastering on the floor 2 – 4cm m2 70,000 labor + materials
twelfth Paving m2 100,000 labor + materials
13 Walling m2 130,000 labor + materials
14 Viet Phap aluminum doors, 6.38mm safety laminated glass, m2 1,350,000 labor + materials
15 Viet Phap aluminum enclosure, 6.38mm safety laminated glass, m2 1,250,000 labor + materials
16 Construction of plastering ceiling, ribs in Hanoi m2 160,000 labor + materials
17 Construction of plastering ceiling, ribs Vinh Tuong m2 170,000 labor + materials
18 Construction of plaster ceiling, Hanoi submerged bone area, standard sheet 9mm thick m2 175,000 labor + materials
19 Constructing plaster ceiling, submerged ribs in Vinh Tuong, Thai plate 9mm thick m2 180,000 labor + materials
20 Paving of Mudah Vietnam moisture-proof industrial wood floor, thickness of 12mm, including moisture-resistant silver lining m2 265,000 labor + materials
21 Baseboard, plastic brace md 40,000 labor + materials
22 Paint indoor walls with Maxilite paint, one primer, 2 coats m2 35,000 labor + materials
23 Paint side walls with Maxilite paint, 1 primer, 2 coats m2 40,000 labor + materials
24 Paint the inner wall with Jotun paint, 1 primer, 2 coats m2 40,000 labor + materials
25 Paint the exterior wall with Jotun paint, one primer, 2 coats m2 50,000 labor + materials
26 Paint the inner wall with Dulux paint, one coat, two coats m2 50,000 labor + materials
27 Paint the wall except with Dulux, 1 primer, 2 coats m2 60,000 labor + materials

Why should we choose our Quang Nam level 4 home repair service?

  • 3C Construction is a construction enterprise with extensive experience in the field of housing construction in tam ky, gia lai, thanh trung, quang nam, ha noi, Da Nang,. Currently, avf has done many different large and small housing projects. With a lot of experience and enthusiasm in each project. Being extremely spacious, you trust and choose when you want to build your apartment.
  • With a team of professionals and engineers with high professional and aesthetic qualifications. Ensure to bring to customers quality works, advanced architecture and modern amenities.
  • A team of dedicated counselors will follow the homeowner’s work until it is completed. Any problem occurs are warranted immediately for you. Confident that the business will bring you the lowest price package in Quang Nam level 4 home remodeling service today


Above is the most complete and detailed information about 3C Construction’s 4-storey building in Quang Nam . Wishing you always happy, happy and soon perfect your home.

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